there was internet access trouble

Recovery!! right now.
 a costumer from Paraguay thank you for coming!!

Sneak peek part 2

Almost a year ago I started Alice in Wonderland sleeve with Yuri. Yesterday we had another productive session and this time it was time for The Hatter. 

When finished I´ll post the whole piece after long photo-shoot session.
And since I show you work in progress I want to share some other projects I´m working on.

That tiger is up to something...

Dragon contra Phoenix fight.

Koi fish half sleeve.

A huge dragon leg sleeve.

And Matt Verges inspired Moby Dick piece.


We refrain from working with the Tohoku Kanto Huge Earthquake in Japan.
Wewould like everyone's sympathy for the victims.
Hang in there Japan !!

Japanese tattoo Horimitsu style first case today

Butt frog tattoo exchange

Yesterday I tattooed the godmother of my sister. She makes crazy delicious and crazy good looking cakes. Just incredible tastes of all kinds of flavours and a huge sugar bomb. That's what we all could use yesterday: a big sugar calorie bomb.
She is also nuts about frogs... can't explain it, all I can tell is that she collects all kinds of different frog figures. No Kermit's. Just frogs, like those green ones that swim in the European rivers. And she wanted to get a green frog as a tattoo.
So we kind of traded cake for a butt frog tattoo.

And here the mighty delicious Kynst cake before it got cut and eaten. Yummy!!!