Japanese TATTOO Horimitsu style TORONTO and NY 2

see you soon!!

for customer


thank you for coming!!

thank you for coming too

its a my pride!!

NY Adorned

Times Square!!!!!!

FUDO sketch!!

Thanks million Ill be back soon!!

Japanese TATTOO Horimitsu style TORONTO and NY

Japanese TATTOO Horimitsu style Informarion.

I will go to CANADA Toronto and NY for business trip from 16th to 26th about 10days.
If you want to meet and talk about tattoo, then let me know by mail or instagram.
I am feeling power from my inside!! Go for TATTOO!!

Japanese TATTOO Horimitsu style SNAKE!! after long absence.

Kynst Crew Event

Here are some pics of our small event, a project of Kynst crew to draw/paint each other's portraits.
If you want to see them live soon they will be visible on our wall at the shop.

 All works made by - from left: Jankowzki, Iris Tentacle, Kirsten, Thomas Kynst.

Taking appointments for Tattoo Convention in Brussel

I would like to announce that this year I will be working at International Tattoo Convention in Brussel. 
It will take place on 23 till 25 Nov. at Tour & Taxi- Shed 2 Havenlaan 86c in Brussel.
At the moment I have all spots available.
If You are interested in hand-size tattoo You can message me Your idea to jankowzki@gmail.com 

 I won't be able to do big stuff like half sleeves or bigger. For that you can reach me at Kynst.
See You there and enjoy the convention.