Last 5 tattoos of 2012

I had a nice time at Mansarda in my birth town Olsztyn.

I probably will visit you again. So to all who wanted to make appointment : "check my blog for updates, I will be back". 

To all who want to get tattooed by me at Kynst, I will be taking new appointments end of February. So mail me then to get appointment in June 2013.
I wish everyone happy new year!!!
And enjoy the last 5 tats of this year:

Japanese TATTOO Horimitsu Style Information



I came back to Japan from tour of North America.
Thank you very much for everybody.
We already start work.

We will close shop from 27th Dec. to 5th Jan. for New year Holiday.
thank you.


Today I had a second session to finish this tattoo of Geisha. 
Some parts are fresh some are healed.

Brussels Tattoo Convention

Last weekend I worked at the International Brussels Tattoo Convention. 
Here are some tattoos that I did there:
On Friday, I tattooed this mechanical owl, too bad I don't have a better picture of it.

Saturday's first tattoo... and no,  it's not Jar Jar!

And the second tattoo from Saturday:

 And finaly,  I did this one on Sunday. 
My client was a bit exhausted by the tattoo session that he had the day before getting this one. So we chose not to do the backround, which will come later.

Catching up...

It has been a month ago since my last post. Time flies very quick lately. So to catch up a bit, here are the latest projects that I have finished.

I start with today's "We know who we are..."project that took me 3 sessions and I need to say that this Girl is a trooper. Today I worked on the lines, text, put the purple and some blood. 

Then I had a pleasure to tattoo fellow tattooer: Kai who works at "Gestochen Scharf". He and his girlfriend came over to get some fancy lettering. 

And speaking of lettering... I tattooed kid's names of a Musician that plays trumpet and trombone. Some parts are healed and some are fresh.

A Vamp lady that I tattooed while ago. This one is mostly healed, with some small touch up's.

And some healed tattoos.

Business trip to Toronto and LA silver lake!